Kane Pet Heat Mat with Rheostat

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  • Energy efficient
  • Rheostat allows for slow warming
  • Waterproof
  • Safe for indoor/outdoor use
  • Made in the USA

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More Information

Using the Kane Polypet Mat:

The Kane Poly Heat Mat (with or without a Kane cover in an unheated enclosure will run approx. 37 degrees F above the ambient temperature with the rheostat on the highest setting. If it is zero degrees F in the enclosure, the mat will heat to 37 degrees with no dog on the mat. When your dog lies on the mat, the mat's temperature in the area covered by your dog will rise to your dog's body temperature and will then increase an additional 37 degrees. As you lower the rheostat, the amount of temperature increase is reduced (minimum increase is approx. 27 degrees). Make sure your dog can get up off the mat in the event he gets too warm.

Kane Pet Heat Mats operate at a constant wattage and connect to a standard household 60 cycle, 110-120 volt outlet. The level of heat is affected by outside environmental conditions. The mat's temperature is set to operate ideally in outdoor weather between -10 degrees and 40 degrees F. In warmer conditions a thermostat control (not included) must be used, allowing the Kane Polypet to turn itself on and off to maintain a specific temperature as outside temperatures increase.

In the Dog House:

Place the mat so that the coiled spring portion of the electric power cord is at the back corner and can be secured and covered with a cord protector (such as a 1 1/4" diameter PVC pipe) to protect the cord from chewing. Be sure your pet cannot reach the unprotected lead-in. Use only outdoor type weatherproof cable where it is exposed. Underground conduit is recommended. Always allow approximately half the floor space in your dog house or box for your dog to be able to move on and off the mat.

We do not recommend the Kane Heating Mat with Rheostat be used as a whelping pad. For use as a whelping pad a separate thermostat (not included) is required.

Testing Warmth:

The Kane Heat Mat may not feel warm to the touch, but as your dog lies on the mat surface, his body traps the heat creating the desired warming effect. The heating element takes some time to warm up (when the mat is chilled it may take several hours to reach maximum operating warmth). Be sure to test the mat where you intend to use it. Allow 15 to 20 minutes for the mat to heat, then FOR TESTING PURPOSES ONLY place a pillow or cushion over the mat for 20 minutes to simulate your dog's body lying on the mat. Put your hand against the mat under the pillow or cushion to check the temperature. Be sure to remove the pillow or cushion to prevent damage to the heating unit or cause a fire risk.

Cleaning and Handling Instructions:

Unplug the Poly Pet Mat before cleaning. Don't pick the mat up by the electrical cord as this may cause damage to the power cord and heating element. THE POWER CORD IS NOT A HANDLE. Kane heat mats may be safely high pressure washed, brushed, and disinfected. Do not immerse the mat in any type of liquid. Reconnect only when the plugs are thoroughly dry.

Avoid Risk of Fire: Do not cover this appliance with any foreign materials (cushions, bedding, straw, etc.). This unit is a heat radiating appliance for animals. Do not have any foreign materials within a 10" radius of the heat mat installation area. To cover or alter this appliance voids all warranty and liability of Kane Manufacturing and all subsidiaries.

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