All You Need to Know About Canine Kennel Management

Successful canine kennel management means giving the furry friends a haven when their owners are away. It means to ensure the dogs get the best possible care to help them stay comfortable and healthy throughout their stay.

You have to relieve the stress for both the owner and the dog during their time apart. Effective management of canine Kennel includes organizing the paperwork, managing employees, stocking up on supplies, and providing the best care for the dogs.

Managing Paperwork for the Canine Kennel

Proper organization is the key to run the canine Kennel. Start by setting up a simple procedure for booking appointments and make it easy for the dog owners to understand all the requirements. All the appointments should be booked in the same way and in the same place to avoid overbooking, resulting in mismanagement and lack of care for the dogs.

Here are a few practical tips to follow:

  • There must be a daily chores sheet to clean and maintain the Kennel regularly.

  • Ensure you close the register every day and include the receipts in the deposit

  • Regularly balance the log sales and drawer numbers. Note down any cash shortages and take required action

  • Be sure to stock up on dog supplies to keep the dogs healthy and safe during their stay

  • Keep a tab on the inventory

These tips will ensure you run the Kennel without any glitches.

Managing Employees and Supplies for the Kennel

To maintain a canine kennel, you need to have sufficient employees working throughout the day. You would have to hire part-time helpers or take in volunteers during holiday seasons, like Christmas and Thanksgiving, as these are generally the busiest days.

All the employees must be trained to the highest standards and must be informed about any changes or new policies. Maintain a record book of all employees to check and monitor their progress. Handle any complaints immediately.

The employees must know the right way of cleaning the Kennel, playing with the dogs, feeding them, and taking good care of them. Ensure your Kennel has sufficient tools, as well as flea and tick control supplies, to provide the dogs the right and immediate care they require. Ensure that all your employees know how to use the supplies the right way.

The employees should be aware of how to administer medications and insulin shots. Be sure to supervise each employee personally until they are fully trained.

Offering the Right Care for the Dogs

Here are some of the basic care requirements for the dogs in your Kennel:

Basic Care Requirements

It is crucial to provide the dogs with a balanced diet to ensure their health and happiness.

  • There must be sufficient space for the dogs to walk and run around without overcrowding. Therefore, you have to ensure you don’t overbook. Provide them with amply clear space so they can play with one another or with the employees and volunteers. Dogs need daily exercise to stay healthy and fit.

  • Giving dogs the right amount of nutritional food is also rather crucial. While they are under your care, ensure that there is sufficient food for them to eat. However, keep in mind that overfeeding can lead to obesity and other health issues.

  • Dogs must have access to fresh drinking water throughout the day. Ensure that water is easily accessible to all dogs. If your Kennel is large, there must be multiple water sources throughout the Kennel to ensure the dogs keep themselves hydrated and cool.

  • If you care for puppies too, then you have to provide them with additional care, particularly if they are in the initial months of their lives. You would have to stock up on puppy food to move them from the mother’s milk. Be sure to have an eye on the puppies at all times to prevent any mishap. It is ideal keeping them in a separate space than adult dogs.

  • Make sure that there is a proper, sturdy boundary or fence around the Kennel to prevent the dogs from roaming out and getting lost. Moreover, there must be a safe and clean shelter with bars on them for aggressive dogs that might become a threat to others.

  • Since you would be caring for multiple dogs at the same time, you also have to monitor their health. Ensure that the dogs are healthy. In case of any symptoms, you must have a comfy place to isolate them to prevent the spread. Moreover, you must have the medications at hand for various health issues, including allergies, anxiety, diarrhea, and skin irritations.

  • Canine Kennel management also includes making sure that the dogs and puppies are getting plenty of exercise. It is crucial for their physical and mental health. Create an exercise routine for all dogs and assign one employee with two to three dogs for the physical activity. Jog around the Kennel with them or play ball with them.

  • You also have to make sure that the food containers and water bowls or storage are thoroughly cleaned by the end of the day. The Kennel must be cleaned twice a day to prevent any spread of infections and germs. Cleanliness is essential for not just the dogs, but you and your employees as well.

  • Ensure there is a vet at the Kennel to keep a check on the dogs. If that is not possible, make sure that you can easily get in touch with a vet in any emergency. Request the dog owners to keep up with their pet’s vaccinations or schedule it at the Kennel for your regular furry clients. If a dog showing symptoms has been isolated but is still not showing improvement even after medication, take the dog to the vet immediately.

Canine Kennel management can be fruitful and a fantastic experience if you know the basics. Make sure you have sufficient hands on deck to help with the dogs and avoid stressing the furry clients and their owners by overbooking. Provide them with the best care possible and get them medical attention immediately if there is a need.